Who We Are

We aim to inspire change from the inside out –

releasing the full capability of individuals and organisations

by identifying and removing the barriers that block their existing talents, skills, and potential.

Barrier Breakers’ vision springs from a commitment to soft skills development. We believe that these previously neglected skills are key to personal and organisational well-being and success in a rapidly changing world, and that they must be managed, developed and measured in entirely new ways. BBM (Barrier Breakers Methodology for Soft Skills Development and Evaluation) is the solution that supports this vision.

Originally established by Penelope Tobin as a charity in 2000, we won the national Performance Hub prize in 2007 in recognition of our soft skills development work in the charitable sector. The ‘for-more-than-profit’ company, Barrier Breakers (UK) Ltd, was subsequently set-up, with the purpose of spreading the success of our approach, BBM, to other sectors, and feeding profits back into the charitable arm, Barrier Breakers Foundation.

Since 2000, numerous highly skilled individuals, experts in their own fields and united by a belief in the power of soft skills, have collaborated on projects under the Barrier Breakers umbrella.

Working mainly in the UK and USA, these professionals have helped shape Barrier Breakers’ approach, by using it in all sectors for leadership, personal, management, and organisational development projects, as well as for coaching and education programmes.

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We now have an extraordinary pool of trusted, talented and passionate professionals to draw on, so we can provide clients with top-quality teams created specifically for their project and tailored to their needs. Here are some of us…

Barrier Breakers Team

Penelope Tobin
Penelope Tobin
CEO & Change Agent
Mel Pretorius
Ralph Reid
Tech Advisor
Liz Sinclair
Lead Facilitator
Dr Sunny Kleo
Lead Facilitator
Ruth Jampel
Lead Facilitator
Guy Griffiths
Guy Griffiths
The Data Guy
Anka Wolbert
Creativity Consultant
Judith Cherry
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant