What People Say


Barrier Breakers' work in human development is cutting edge. If you have a need for organization consultants, or for human capital development, do not hesitate to contact them.

Brian Rowe

George Washington University Career Center, USA

Barrier Breakers provided deep insight and a practical, applicable, real-life soft skills development approach for our teams of managers and consultants. Ms. Tobin was a great value-add to our Summit and the attendees left with much to think about as well as concrete experiences to assist them in their dealing with customers, vendors and interactions among themselves.

Alan Ilberman

REdirect Consulting, New York, USA

Your work is really groundbreaking!

Angeliki Triantafyllaki

Principal Investigator, NTFS Creative Interventions Project, UK

BBM provided my team with a brilliant way of looking beyond current barriers, adopting more enterprising approaches, and being increasingly adaptable and responsive to change. It's a powerful approach that challenges you to put aside previous habits of thought, and is of great value to individuals and organisations from all walks of life needing to survive in our rapidly evolving culture.

Steve Harris

Cornwall College, UK

A unique and thought provoking method for bringing about positive changes to our everyday lives. BBM allows us to discover the real issues at the heart of perceived personal difficulties, and (re)discover inherent resources to bring about change.

Dr Michael Clarke

University College London, UK

I found working with Barrier Breakers to be an entirely positive experience. Content, planning, presentation - all brilliant! I have no hesitation in recommending them. The advantage that BBM has over other methods is that it does not limit people within a classification and is context based, enabling each learner to be measured in terms of their individual progress rather than in a competitive environment.

Stuart Tibber

City Lit, London, UK

Everyone should attend the BBM BreaksThru day; it’s so worthwhile and has so many applications in work and personal life. It really helped with my coaching techniques for others and my personal business development as well. Thank you!

Guy Griffiths

Director, GGFit Ltd, UK

The BBM approach is quite different as it considers how we might take the opportunity to re-engage and re-connect to our naturally held internal resources by recognising and working on the barriers that have often accumulated upon us throughout our life experiences. Thoughtful and motivating.

Slafka Scragg

University of Plymouth, UK

BBM produced results that were insightful, thought provoking and productively challenging, both for our organisation who commissioned the work and also for the individual interviewees. BBM’s tools for tackling the barriers to communication in a variety of ways were extremely helpful.

Jocelyn Cunningham

Creative Director, Creative Partnerships London, UK

BBM has provided me with a great, simple, effective structure that I can now use to monitor my work environment for barriers - it’s already helped me pinpoint and break through some really intransigent ones, and that’s saved a lot of time.

Amanda Couper

Senior Counsel, R.R. Donnelley, UK

The day after the workshop I had a conversation with a colleague that I didn't think would ever happen. It had been causing a massive drain, a lot of stress, and now that's gone because I knew how to deal with it...result!

Jane Newman

Senior Manager, UK

I came away from the workshop feeling inspired – it gave meaning and structure to my thoughts. I loved the day! BBM is such a fab thing and Penelope is so inspirational!!

Danette O’Hara

Head of Marketing, YWCA Central Club, UK

Excellent...I'd like another session! 10 out of 10 for everything!

Gurdev Delay

Project Manager, UK

I am thrilled to have found BBM. It provides a really useful scientific, rigorous base to support and enhance my work.

Charlie Weinberg

Manager, Clean Break, UK

Congratulations on your magnificent work!

Carla Guerron Montero, Ph.D.

University of Delaware, USA

Barrier Breakers is an imaginative and dynamic organisation that strives to meet the needs of everyone they work with in a flexible, non-judgemental and accessible manner. I have found them to be consistently responsive, reliable and creative in their planning and delivery.

Gemma Cossins

Haringey Play Association, UK

The Jazz of Business is a book that should be read by every single CEO!

Jean-Louis Baudoin

CEO Creative ConsulTeam, Brussels, Belgium

BBM has the potential to transform individuals and organisations. Penelope is an amazing change agent!

Judith Cherry

Head of Research and Insight, Opportunity Now, UK

BBM allows me to see what I need to provide next for each child to enable them to make progress. It helps me to identify strengths and weaknesses and address them appropriately. It's important to look at these skills at this stage in children's development, as they have a key part to play in their learning.

Tracey Brown

Hazelwood School, UK

This was a workshop I wont forget! And for all the right reasons. The concepts make sense, and I saw straight away how I'd apply them to improve things at work and at home.

Terry Bowen

Consultant, UK