Case Study: REdirect Consulting

REdirect Consulting is a technology company that was really feeling growing pains. Doubling in size in the recent past, it has a tele-work culture with employees spread out throughout the United States and internationally. We approached Penelope Tobin of Barrier Breakers to help us work on our team’s soft skills. Without any history of physically standing around the coffee maker in the morning we had many questions such as: How do we work and communicate externally and internally? How do we deal with stress and deadlines? Where do we get satisfaction?

Ms. Tobin took a very logical and data-based approach. She developed a BBM Diagnostic questionnaire for all of us (including Principals) to fill out on an anonymous basis. She then analyzed these results and reported them out to management.  With strengths and opportunities identified, we started learning about our team – and ourselves!

We decided to call everyone into New York City for a team summit, and at the Summit itself Ms. Tobin delivered an excellent presentation to the team, sharing what she learned about them and again sharing where she thought we could improve and where we were excelling. The group found Ms Tobin engaging, interesting and interested. On the second day Ms.Tobin provided a powerful hands-on exercise that got our team to “roll up their sleeves” and address communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, while providing real accretive ideas to our technical knowledge in a host of areas.

Barrier Breakers provided deep insight, and a practical, applicable real-life approach, into our need to work on soft skills development for our team of managers and consultants. In addition Ms. Tobin was a great value-add to our Summit and the attendees left with much to think about, as well as concrete experiences to assist them in their dealing with customers, vendors and interactions among themselves.

Alan Ilberman

Principal, REdirect Consulting,

New York, USA