Soft skills are the traits and abilities of attitude and behaviour rather than knowledge or technical aptitude

Soft skills are the personal and interpersonal attributes common to everyone

They are natural human capabilities that we need to ‘access’ rather than have ‘input’

They underscore everything we do


Here you can find information and research about soft skills.


[tab title=”Soft Skills Facts”]
This series provides ‘lite-bites’ of evidence that demonstrate why soft skills are now considered the crucial C21st skills.

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Soft Skills Facts

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  1. Soft Skills Characteristics: what they are and how BBM treats them
  2. Skills Employers Want: and are they getting them?
  3. Skills the Country Needs: which skills, why, and how we rate internationally
  4. Lifelong Learning: why this is important now and how soft skills help
  5. Promoting Equality: the part that soft skills play

[tab title=”Research”]
This is a taste of the research concerned with soft skills. To keep up with latest research, subscribe to the blog.

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