Do you know how barriers are affecting your productivity or your bottom line?

How they’re affecting individual employees or management teams?

Client relationships or your competitiveness?

Now you can find out – and do something about it.

Barrier Breakers Diagnostic pinpoints the issues within your organisation that are damaging performance and reducing the value of your most precious asset – your human capital:

  • It defines precisely where barriers are blocking your people’s soft skills potential
  • It details the impact the barriers are having on every aspect of your business
  • It delivers a detailed, easy-to-implement plan to dissolve the barriers
  • It produces data and establishes benchmarks to measure the difference it makes

Barrier Breakers provided deep insight and a practical and applicable real life approach for our need to work on soft skills development for our teams of managers and consultants.

Alan Ilberman, REdirect Consulting (read case study)

Barrier Breakers Diagnostic identifies and analyses barriers in specific areas that include:


  • communication
  • teamworking
  • innovation
  • change management
  • employee engagement
  • trust
  • structures
  • processes
  • company vision and values
  • leadership

Barrier Breakers Diagnostic produced results that were insightful, thought provoking and productively challenging, both for our organisation and for individuals.

Jocelyn Cunningham, Creative Partnerships


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