How We Do It

We use a unique, research-based diagnostic approach,

designed specifically to manage and measure the essential C21st workplace skills.

BBM, or (take a big breath) Barrier Breakers Methodology for Soft Skills Development and Evaluation – does what it says on the tin!

And just to be clear…

Soft skills are the traits and abilities of attitude and behaviour
rather than knowledge or technical aptitude

Glaser quote

Soft skills get blocked by barriers. And when that happens people can’t use their soft skills to the max.

Not good news!

So if barriers are affecting your organisation, you won’t be getting the best from your people…

And your people won’t be having a great time either.

Get rid of the barriers and it’s a win-win, yeah!

BBM gets barriers under control.

There are 5 barriers that block all soft skills.

BBM defines each barrier in a Barrier Profile.

The Barrier Profile is the lens we peer through to check out your situation.

If that barrier is lurking there’ll be no place to hide…

lens soft skills

We use BBM to:

  • EXPLORE – identify where barriers are present
  • ASSESS – define the impact of the barriers
  • SHIFT – design the best ‘barrier-breaking’ solutions
  • TRANSFORM – measure the improvement to performance