BB InDepth

Barrier Breakers InDepth is the 2nd part of our barrier-breaking solution.

Barrier Breakers Fast Track Report and Change Plan give you all the information you need to break through the barriers in your organisation, to get everyone working at their peak, and to ramp up performance.

not enough time

But sometimes leaders are stretched to their limit, time-wise.

Just the thought of implementing a Change Plan, however simple and beneficial it might be, makes them want to tear their hair out!

If that sounds like you, don’t panic!!

You’ll be relieved to know…Barrier Breakers InDepth comes to your rescue!

Working with Barrier Breakers was an entirely positive experience. Content, planning, presentation – all brilliant!
Stuart TibberCity Lit, UK

Barrier Breakers InDepth implements your Fast Track Change Plan

…and more!


The InDepth process comprises 6 phases.

Click on the icons below to see a snapshot of what each phase achieves:

Breaking barriers to ensure structures are aligned to overall vision & support performance, wellbeing, and innovation.

Right Focus

Breaking barriers to open up communication channels, allowing a free flow of ideas, effective teamworking, & productive external relationships.

Inward Focus

Breaking barriers that block a healthy culture, by identifying ‘negative drags’, examining attitudes to mistakes, conflict & stress, & using constructive feedback

Downward Focus

Breaking barriers to develop multi-level leadership, honing company vision, assessing capacity, & evaluating learning needs.

Backward Focus

Breaking barriers that block innovation, by rewarding process, encouraging ideas, developing creativity policies, & having fun.

Left Focus

Here we review the 5 phases, produce data of change, make recommendations, share feedback…and celebrate with you!

Wrap Up
  • The order in which Barrier Profiles are addressed depends on the Fast Track findings
  • The process is iterative, with each phase ‘learning’ from the previous ones
  • The duration of each phase, and the overall project, depends on the scope and nature of your needs


The content of each phase is based on Modules, which:

  • Are bespoke – designed to fit your situation and your people
  • Are completed by everyone, by teams, or by individuals
  • Are ‘time-lite’, easy, and enjoyable
  • Are delivered online, making it a simple, completely confidential process
  • Upskill individuals while improving the workplace environment
  • Produce data within the 5 Barrier Profiles, so it’s easy to compare and contrast results